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    Alright my panty boys, Kaye has arrived.  I am here to whip you sissys together and make you the best you ever will be.  Pay attention because this is as good as it’s going to get for you.  I have three simple rules: Always listen to me, never question me, and keep an open mind.  Things are going to be fun.  I love dressing you all up, and making you pretty so I can flaunt you around.  I need all my boys waxed completely with the best lipstick and make up on.  You will receive weekly assignments that you must complete in order to stay under my supervision.  I do not and will not accept any lazy boys.  To be the best sissy, you have to put in hard work.  But you have the best trainer around so you should not have any issues.  So go ahead and get some rollers, a portable hair dryer, and a sissy maid outfit.  We’re going to have some fun!  P.S.  I know that little male pussy of yours is getting wet, but you don’t get to release yourself without speaking to me first.  My screen name on yahoo is sultry_kaye


    To purchase a texting session, message me on yahoo or contact the operator.


    Someone will be in touch within 24 hours.